Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Little Monster!

Yeah! I got a real little monster done tonight from Stacy Trock’s “Design Your Own Monsters” class over on Craftsy- the pattern for this little guy is in the class materials. I had fun. I decided to skip Mr. Toothy’s dental work and give him a spiffy little hairdo! It was all done with a size D hook and really soft fingering/light DK weight yarn. The hairdo was the body yarn with a soft eyelash yarn carried with it. This was done by making loops of chain stitches by stitching 7 or 8 chain stitches then attaching the free end to the base of the chain and moving over a few stitches and making another loop of chain stitches until his hair was what I was hoping it to look like. :)

This was so fun! I am going to have to find homes for all my cuties at some point. I may be making a stop by the women’s shelter to drop some off at some point for the children that end up there with their moms. Never hurts to have a softy to cuddle.

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