Sunday, July 25, 2010

Newest Creative Project!

I just finished my newest creative project! It's a Fun and Funky Collage Necklace. Made with several mini collages that are mounted to Tim Holtz Fragments charms using Glossy Accents. I'm so excited!!

I took it out on a walk yesterday in the sunshine. My wonderful hubby (who is an awesome photographer) took photos of it so I could share with all of you. :)

So, I got the idea for this from Sherry Goodloe she was talking on her blog about a class she had taught making these awesome necklaces. I can't get to California to take a class from her so I asked if she sells the kits for the necklaces. Oh yes, she does! I purchased the kit and it arrived quickly, with lovely instructions and tons of cool papers, fragments charms, and the necklace chain with toggle clasp. I just added the jump rings, adhesive and some of my own images and collage bits and pieces.

I'm hooked and now I'm in the process of making a load of mini collages to go on the next necklace!

Hum...maybe a coffee or tea theme? Crafty theme? Birds? flowers? gosh I have to make up my mind some time...

It's going to be hot this week so hanging out inthe craft room and the air conditioner my well be the ticket. :)

Have a great week! Get out and do something creative today.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Drawing Lab week 3! Picasso dogs and more...

Oh my goodness!

I'm in love with the Picasso Dogs exercise in the Drawing Lab book by Carla Sonheim.

So fun, full of whimsy and you can't do them wrong!! What's not to love about that??

I drew these up and then scanned in to the computer to do the coloring. I didn't want to mess up the originals yet. :)

I know that many times I'll do a pen and ink that I love and ruin it when I add color. Doing it this way I get to play with lots of different color options and the original is still waiting for the final color choice. Are you a person who can go right to the colors and get it right the first time? If so, I bow down to you and your skills!  If not, using the computer to help may give you more confidence when you are ready to commit to your final colors on the originals. :)

I hope this helps!
Cheers and remember to get out and do something creative!


Friday, July 16, 2010

Four Eyes! Drawing Lab Unit 2 lab 12

I'm having such a great time with the Drawing Lab book and Workshop. Having time to do assignments and share them with others is so much fun!

I have been learning things about my self. I never really understood why I don't like charcoal as a medium. I have now figured it out.

There are 3   things about charcoal that bother me: gritty feeling on my fingers, too smudgy on the paper and the skritchy sound/feeling when actually drawing with it.

I have tried using the charcoal pencils to remove some of the gritty feelin on the fingers but alas...I still end up with charcoal on my hands.  I'm not the most tidy person while making art. :)

Have you found materials that you LOVE or Hate to do art with? What are they??

Remember to get out and do something creative today!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Drawing Lab Week two--People...

Hi all,

This week in the Drawing Lab Workshop in the Artists of the Roundtable group in we are working on people.

HUm...not my strongest subject so that makes this a good, challenging week artistically. I have done 2 of the exercises, wrong handed portrait and coffee shop drawings, --mostly as blind contours (not looking at the drawing while the pen is moving). I even added water color pencil to one that I especially liked. It has problems with proportion but you can feel that there was a real person that the drawing was based on.

I included some of the stuff that was around this person to give a sense of place.

What do you think?

Did I do okay??

Have you ever done this kind of exercise?

I hope you are enjoying your Summer and spending time being creative!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Drawing Lab- Artists of the Round Table

This is the first week in the Drawing Lab workshop that I'm participating in. I'm enjoying it! The first lab was Draw 30 Cats in Bed. :) Here's my page of cats. I am trying to go away from the realistic looking cats and more toward a naive look-- Of course it took me the whole page to figure out that I really wanted to go toward a less realistic design style. Sigh..

I'll be doing this lesson again! I know that I need to work on loosening up.

Then I took one of the little cats and drew it again, and played with it in Photoshop as part of the "Taking it Further". I haven't done much in the way of drawing/illustrating in Photoshop. It's fun! It's creative and I need to do it MORE!

I hope you are staying cool and enjoying the Summer. Remember to do something creative!