Sunday, December 13, 2015

Time to Glitter!-Glitter Houses for you to make!

It is a shiny and sparkly time of year. 

Time to make it sparkle a little more, -who doesn't love a little Glitter?
This time I'm making this sweet little glitter house.

It only takes a little bit of time, card stock or thin cardboard like cereal boxes or face tissue boxes with pretty patterns, old Christmas cards just about anything that you like the look of or can be painted is fair game! Glue gun and glue sticks, craft knife, scissors, metal edged ruler, white glue or decoupage glue, and the glitter of your choice. I used ultra fine glitter on my examples.

Here is my template pattern to get you started.
Right Click on the image to save to your computer and then print!

There are many references on the internet for Glitter houses also known as Putz houses-

Here are a couple of my favorites:
Little Glitter Houses is an amazing resource!
Big Indoor Trains - This is a site that has loads of templates, patterns and instructions for building an entire village!

Remember to get out and do something creative!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Do you wann build...a Gnome? #lovewinterart

Hi there! Lots of creating going on right now, it is the season for it. :) this is video #2 of my #lovewinterart projects!

I just put up a sweet little project- it is a felt gnome. Made with just a couple pieces of felt a bit of stuffing, some pennies to put in the base and just a drop or two of glue.

First here't the pattern, just print, cut and trace the pieces on your felt.
And here's the link to the video to show you haw to put it together!
 Felt Gnome DIY

Please let me know what you think! Leave a comment be fore you go so I know you were here. :)
Remember to get out and Do Something Creative!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Do you #lovewinterart?

I sure do #lovewinterart! I'm playing with the great folks at the Creative Arts Collaboration this week from December 9-13. Anything winter art is the theme.

My project for this awesome event is a sweet little snowman..... Trapped in a Snowglobe! I have even created a traceable snowglobe pattern for you if you want to paint it too and it can even be a coloring page if you have little ones that want to do the same art as you!

Here's the Traceable/coloring sheet that you can download to your computer and print out so you can follow along!

To trace on to the canvas just print out on regular paper, rub the BACKSIDE of the paper with chalk or pencil then lay the chalk side down on the canvas and trace over the lines with a ball point pen to transfer the image to the canvas!

Here's the finished painting-

Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of this lesson! Head over to Youtube and subscribe to my channel too if you want to be notified when I have new videos go up. :)

Remember to get out and do something creative!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Felt Fortune Cookies Ornament or gift...?

Hey there! I just posted a new video perfect for ANY holiday or gift giving opportunity. :)

Fortune Cookies made from craft felt. Quick and Easy!

You only need some felt, needle and thread, a pair of scissors that will cut the felt and something to trace around to make your circle between 2-3 inches across.

Check it out and let me know what you think, please leave me a comment!