Monday, September 21, 2015

Don't Blink!

Okay I did it! I painted a Weeping Angel too. :)

Being inspired by my hubby and watching the online free class by Cinnamon Cooney.

Now, Cinnamon the #Artsherpa is an awesome instructor who shares her art and her heart freely on Youtube! Check out this class on the Weeping Angel .

The angel that Cinnamon did was a different pose than the one I did but I was so inspired by her that I had to do an angel!
The thing that I'm trying to figure out is if I want to do the glow in the dark paint on this so when the black light is turned on you will just see the face similar to the one in the online class. You won't see the hands in the dark just the glowing face. I need to see if I should varnish first then put the Glow paint on. It is a translucent paint that won't really show in daylight but will when the black light is turned on.

If I do add the glow paint I'll make a different post showing the finished painting in the glowing state.
Remember to get out and do something creative!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Oh it is almost Dr Who!

Oh so creepy! Don't blink...
My Hubby drew this then painted it in acrylic on 9x12 inches.

Loving that he's finding his creative mojo!

My acrylic painting on a 9x12" canvas board was more the traditional fall/harvest/ halloween style--
House on haunted hill????
The lighting is a bit off on this photo but I hope you get that spooky vibe I was trying for. :)
I really like the glowing lights in the windows of the house. I got that by painting the background with a mix of Cad Red and Cad Yellow Medium then painting the house leaving the windows open. Then did the sky and then the hill and tree. Finishing it off with the pumpkins and the cat.

I may add a bit more of a misty fog to the painting I haven't decided yet.

I hope you are getting out and being creative every day!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Koi pond on a tiny canvas

Here we go! My husband sort of challenged me with asking about painting on a tiny canvas. I told him painting tiny is just as hard as painting big and will take almost the same amount of time if you are doing detail.

So I picked up a couple 4x4 inch canvases and I was inspired by Cinnamon Cooney a fantastic artist who has been so generous posting acrylic painting tutorials on Youtube for free!

One of the things I love about acrylic is that it drys really fast. But I also hate that it dries so fast! Especially when it is a tiny canvas and there isn't as much paint on it to stay wet any time at all. Didn't help that it was 93 degrees today.

Hope you have a great day and remember to do something creative!

Friday, September 11, 2015

What did the Fox say?

Here's my newest painting- I'll even show you the 2 versions. Yeah two versions. So I was following along with  and her How to Paint an Fox  painting class on Youtube and be bopped along and got it done. 

The next morning I looked at it and decided that I had made the space above the eyes and below the ears too short and took action that evening. 

I could have stopped at the first one but I knew I'd never hang it on the wall. By reworking it and following my inner sense of what needed to be done for this painting I ended up with a painting that actually looks finished to my eye and  I'm pretty darn proud of it now. :) 

Thanks for looking!
Remember to Do Something Creative today!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

He's looking at me.....

I just took time for myself and had a painting evening!

I found an awesome Youtube Artist - @artsherpa Cinnamon Cooney Hart Party. She has this great energy and loves life and creativity and is willing to share it all with us for free! How great is that?!

I'm looking forward to more creative fun with Cinnamon!\

So here's my Big Eye Owl--She did her's on a 16x20 inch canvas but I only had a 9x12 so I had to modify the proportions but I think mine came out pretty well. What do you think?

I just have to varnish it but I'm letting it cure for a few days first. Thanks for stopping by. Let me know you came by. remember to do something creative every day!