Saturday, March 18, 2017

Gods Eye Nebula -2 Cup Dirty Pour Experiment with Negative Space Acrylic...

Take a little trip into Outerspace! the Eye Of God Nebula!!  Poured Acrylic painting using a straw to blow the fanciful nebula clouds.

Let me know what you think!This time we are traveling to the deepest reaches of outer space. This time we are going to the Eye of God or God's Eye Nebula 700 light years away.

This time I'm using 2 little cups- one cup dirty pour set up with Cool colors and one cup set up with a dirty pour of Warm Colors.
painting on a 12x12 Cradled Wood Panel that I painted Black and Spattered with White paint for stars,
Then all the colors were mixed with GAC-800 and PVA Glue (Elmer's All Purpose Glue) and Water.
Colors used were: Golden High Flow Acrylic paint-Hansa Yellow, Napthol Red Light, Titanium White, Carbon Black, Phthalo Blue
Lumiere- Emerald Green Pearl
Pebeo Studio Acrylics: Green/Blue Iridescent, Orange/Yellow Iridescent. 
I also used a Straw for moving the paint. 

The most important things you need to be successful with any of my creative projects are the willingness to learn and to be easy on yourself as you are learning. We tend to be our worst critics and we need to learn to be kind to ourselves. 

I love the community that we are building here. We are caring and supportive of all levels of crafters, makers and Artists. 

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