Monday, April 10, 2017

Fluid Acrylic Poured Painting Behr Interior House Paint Alternative Pour...

This experiment takes us back to outer space using negative space!

I painted the MDF 12x12 board with a flat black paint and sprinkled stars.
Then using a salad plate I cut a circle mask in a piece of Contact sticky backed film and put it on the front of the board AFTER THE BACKGROUND PAINT WAS DRY.

Then pouring in stripes with the 1 cup Dirty Pour of  Behr paint and Golden Polymer medium in a 1:1 ratio the planet was put in and left to dry for a while (I used a blow dryer from a high up angle so I didn't disturb the paint but I did get it to set up a bit. 

Then I Pulled off the Mask to reveal the planet! 

Next using plain Golden Polymer Medium I back filled the negative space on the board around the planet.

Finally using Micro Pearl Pearl Ex mixed into Golden Polymer Medium I created the Comet!

The Behr Colors I used were: Raven Raisin, Cherry Red, Majestic Blue, Luscious Lemon and Nano White.

As an alternative to Liquitex Pouring Medium this time I used Golden Polymer Medium Gloss.- it is about the same price as the Liquitex BUT the Golden Polymer Medium is IN Stock! 
Jaquard Pearl Ex Powder- Micro Pearl

This worked out really well! I has to wait for the painting to be completely dried so I could finish the video with it. But Oh My goodness it was worth the wait!

I have a creative spirit that loves to explore and experiment with all kinds of Arts and Craft!

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I love the community that we are building here. We are caring and supportive of all levels of crafters, makers and Artists. 

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Pat said...

Golden tech support recommended misting the surface with alcohol to pop bubbles. I have a cheap atomizer and use 90% rubbing alcohol, as the common 70% doesn't work as efficiently. I just release a puff of mist over the problem area. Love your scientific approach ( that's also why I worship Golden)!
Paint on,
Pat Scheible