Saturday, February 28, 2009

Spring is on it's way!

doodle squirrel
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We are now only 4 weeks away from the official start of spring and I am so ready for it.

I have seen so many squirrels lately and that inspired this doodle sketch. It was all from my imagination so the squirrel has an unfortunate cat like look around the eyes.

This week was so much fun! I got to spend 3 class periods teaching doodle lettering to middle school students. It was really great to see the lights go on in the eyes of the kids when they "got it!"

I'm hoping to get the chance to do some more drawing this weekend but if I don't at least I got something posted! Yippee!

I hope you get the chance to do something creative and share that creativity with us too!



Anetka said...

I love this sketch:) Your squirrel made me smile!!:)
great work.

Lynn said...

That's very cute!

David said...

These doodle drawings are great! They look like they were so much fun to do.

Stephanie said...

thanks all! it was fun and very relaxing too!

Unknown said...

Love the circle layout. Gives it a unique look.
heres to Spring around the corner-no pun intended...