Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome to February!

SAB letters 2009
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This is my first February entry. :) 1 month gone in 2009 already! Wow!!

I have been giving my self hand cramps doing loads of doodles these past few days. I actually have been drawing and doodling even though my wrist is giving me fits! I'm just so into this right now it is hard to stop. I have even been taking my doodles to work and doing them while my computer at work is processing.

I have decided to work on an alphabet in this style. As long as I remember that I can do it 1 letter at a time I think I will actually finish this project!. So for now I have 8 letters done. The S, A, B are my initials, I have started doing my family's initials and that will get me quite a long way to getting the whole alphabet done.

Wish me luck!
Now get out there and do something creative today!!



Anonymous said...

My friend Sab will like this - I'll send her a link! I love the ribbony bits where they twist around themselves.

Anonymous said...

We will look forward to seeing the full ABC. Be sure and let us know on EDM. OK? :)

Rhonda L. Cooper said...

I love the way you did the curls. The letters jump off the page, great job!

Anonymous said...

These are great.
Would love to see the entire set. :-))