Friday, May 29, 2009

"May this blog be with you!" Starring Yoda

Crochet Yoda
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Creative spurts seem to be the order of my life lately. I pull out my pens and doodle, then pull out the embroidery and do that for a few days and then I find my yarn stash calling my name.

This time I'm sharing "the force" with you in the form of a amigurumi Yoda that I designed for my self. I used both Lion Brand Cotton yarn and Bernat handicrafter cotton for the actual doll. The robe is acrylic felt and hand sewn.

I had a great time figuring this out. I took it to work to show it off and one of my coworkers asked me if I'd think about making one to sell. I told her she could buy this one, she was so excited about that. Her kiddo is a huge Star Wars fan, The only thing was I had to take photos first before she could have it.:)

I will be making another one soon!

What do you think??

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