Friday, June 19, 2009

celtic doodle

celtic doodle
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It's a lovely rainy afternoon and I was playing with my new Copic Multiliner pen and this doodle just sort of popped out.

I love the flow of the ink from the tip of this pen. I feel like I'm the one in control and not the pen.

Like I said this is just a doodle. I'm working on getting back to drawing something everyday. School's out and I'll be off for a few weeks in just 1 week!! Yeah!

Later folks!


suzan Q said...

I liked that
I'm sure it was diffecult
but well done!

bubblemunch said...

Hi - Just found you through EDM on Facebook. Great Celtic knot. Your Zens are all doodletastic ;-)

Unknown said...

Youe celtic knot is awesome...thanks for sharing your blog...