Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Holidays!

JOY to the world!

Having a Westie is like having a 2 year old. Such a joy, but gee they require a lot of attention. Winston is 9 years old and is still chugging along with the best of them! He loves Christmas as much as we do!

I love his comical head tilts and the way he loves to give a death shake to every toy he gets his teeth into. :)

We had a great family holiday with lots of fun, laughter and of course food! I baked way too many things and gave loads of it away to friends and family on Christmas.

I haven't made divinity in almost 20 years, My hubby said he'd really like some so I gave it a shot and it actually worked!

I guess it's one of the ways I show my love for them all.

Hope you had a great holiday too and here's to a happy and

creative new year for you and yours!


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