Saturday, October 30, 2010

Boo! Happy Halloween Weekend.

I said something in my last post about fun and simple crafts with very few supplies and really no 'special equipment" Here's a couple pieces that I have decorating the front windows of my house.

Photo by Mark Bergeron
The first is the coolest Owl head.

Just made with card stock, hot glue and double stick tape.

Just like grade school--fan fold a few pieces of card stock paper double stick tape the folded papers fan it around into a circle, glue the face pieces on put on a string and hang up in the window.

Photo by Mark Bergeron
The second piece is a paper lantern.

So simple!!

Print out the design on translucent vellum and tape to the inside of the cut out card stock lantern sides. tape the lantern sides together and either put a wire hanger in the top and use little battery powered candles or put in the window sill over a real votive candle in a protective glass candle cup. (That's what I did!)

Looks cool and lots of bang for the tiny amount of time and supplies!

So do you do any decorating for Halloween? Drop me a line, share a link to your blog with what you've been doing.

cheers! Remember to get out and do something creative!


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Rita said...

These are both so cute!! I don't decorate for Halloween anymore. In the apartment complex I live in I usually only have 0-8 kids that come to the door since I moved here over 5 years ago and my son is going to be 36 in a few days. But--these are really cute and inexpensive ideas. Thanks for sharing. Hope you had a good Halloween! :):)