Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh, Chocolate Cup Cake how I love thee...

Well, that title may sound a bit over blown but gee...

If you really like chocolate and you really like cake with twinkie cream filling, wouldn't you be just a bit effusive when savoring a cupcake that looks like this?----------------------------------------------------------->

Warm, dark, moist, homemade and get this...WHEAT FREE!

I have Elizabeth Barbone's Gluten Free Baking cookbook and it is WONDERFUL! I actually started with her Vanilla cupcake recipe and then added cocoa powder and buttermilk and a bit of extra water to make the batter. Then I used the cream filling recipe from her Whoopie Pies to finish these little pieces of heaven. My hubby--a gluten eater ate 3 of these the day they were made. Yup, they really are that good.

I'm having so much fun baking and cooking. Being creative in the kitchen, making messes and ending up with foods I thought I'd not get to eat again.

I don't have a photo yet but I seem to be in a bit of a chocolate phase right now. I'm almost done knitting and hooded sweater made with chocolate colored yarn and I already made a sweet little pair of knitted fingerless mitts in a milk chocolate wool silk blend yarn.  I'll see about the photos for those soon.

I have also been doing some crafts for Halloween! Martha Stewart's web site is a treasure trove of quick easy crafts that really can be done with out all the expensive tools and superfine glitter. (The tools and glitter do make it more fun though) :)

Any way Happy Almost Halloween and remember to get out and do something creative!


Rita said...

They really do look delicious! Can't blame your hubby one bit. :) Sounds like you're having fun with Martha, too--hehe! Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie, Those cupcakes look luscious! I'm impressed by your creativity in modifying the recipe; very cool! I can understand the chocolate phase; I love chocolate!

Sloane said...

YUM!! I love to bake. I might have to try these, my husband is always on me to make cup cakes. :o)

Anonymous said...

Hey! It's so funny to see that people who get creative always do that in the kitchen too! And it's a nice way of perceiving it, I'm baking cupcakes and cookies all the time but never really labelled it as "being creative".
I'm going to do some culi-posting on my blog too :-) (Any tips on how to make beautiful food photos?)

And may I say you're a wonderful illustrator/painter, wow, I just LOVE your doodles!

The Silliness-classes are exactly what I need right now, pitty they're already over!

Well, Stephanie, nice to meet you!

Happy creating!