Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer days and doodles

School's out for the Summer!

I've been doing some new doodled ATC Cards for a swap and here are the first ones that I have finished. They are all standard ATC size of 2.3x3.5 inches.

One of these days I may bring out a different colored pen or add color to some of the doodles with my colored pencils. I'm really enjoying how some of the doodles end up representational and some are very abstract.

I like both kinds, I think I like the ones that I can "see" something "real" in the best though. What do you think??



Dan Kent said...

I love your drawings. If you want to add color and you are using waterproof ink, one thought would be to apply watercolor washes over the black ink drawings. I think that would look really neat!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Dan for your comment. I will be trying out colors on some of these cards at some point, right now it these have been an exercise in pattern and line.


Carol said...

I love your doodles, and I love the black and white. Whenever I've added colour to mine I always regret it. You have a good eye for design. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather - but what a wonderful age to have achieved.

Unknown said...

Your "doodles" are amazing. I'd call them intricate drawings maybe. They are so beautiful and well-done.