Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer days and doodling again

ATC swap card #4 finished!
Originally uploaded by sbergeron00

I signed up a month ago to participate in an Artist Trading card swap. The due date to mail out is NOW! I finished up my last two cards last night and they are safely in the mail on their way to Zengami. :)

We had grandpa Power's funeral on Monday this week, he was 100 years old and still living at home when he passed. It was a beautiful and peaceful ceremony.

I'm so blessed with the family I belong to. We really do circle the wagons and take care of our own in times of need and distress.

Take care, remember that no matter how long we have on this earth, it will never be long enough for those who are left here with just memories.



nanke's stuff said...

I love to doodle, too, and this card is spectacular! nancy

Unknown said...

cool, vary nice