Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Drawing Lab- Artists of the Round Table

This is the first week in the Drawing Lab workshop that I'm participating in. I'm enjoying it! The first lab was Draw 30 Cats in Bed. :) Here's my page of cats. I am trying to go away from the realistic looking cats and more toward a naive look-- Of course it took me the whole page to figure out that I really wanted to go toward a less realistic design style. Sigh..

I'll be doing this lesson again! I know that I need to work on loosening up.

Then I took one of the little cats and drew it again, and played with it in Photoshop as part of the "Taking it Further". I haven't done much in the way of drawing/illustrating in Photoshop. It's fun! It's creative and I need to do it MORE!

I hope you are staying cool and enjoying the Summer. Remember to do something creative!


Liberty said...

I love Green Cat!!!!!

b said...

Thanks for the kind comment on my drawing. And I love the green cat... and adore the doodles! Wow! The Drawing Lab sounds wonderful. Is it something you're taking on line or where you live?

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Your cats are blissfully whimsical! I love it!

The birth of my chapbooks.

Rita said...

I'd have to avoid realistic looking cats--because I can't draw realistic looking cats--or any animals or people, for that matter--chuckle! Love the green cat! Looks like a fun class. :)