Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Great Art Quest Binder!

Hello all of my Creative Friends!!
Welcome to 2016! 
I am looking forward to the coming year as a time of growth and new experiences. 
A year long Art Quest guided by Cinnamon Cooney, The Art Sherpa is going to be my art school this year, I'm so excited! 

I am helping out in a small way by designing and creating this easy to make Binder for the art pages that we will be making this year.
Here's the download for the PDF instruction s on how to make my binder! 
I have also done a Youtube tutorial too!
Below are the Materials needed to make the binder:
Cardboard 2 pieces 1/2" larger than the paper you will be putting in the binder- for example for a binder that will hold 9x12" paper your front and back cover pieces will be 9 1/2" x 12 1/2"
Cardboard the same length as above by 1 1/2" wide for the spine
Heavy paper for covering the binder
Duct Tape for hinging the covers to the spine and to reinforce the corners over the cover paper
3 Pieces of ribbon the width of the binder covers and spine these are what will hold the paper in the binder
White glue for attaching covers (Mod Poge, PVA etc)
Fluid Matte Medium or Gloss Medium and Varnish to seal the paper covering
Tools Needed:
Metal edged ruler
Craft Knife with sharp blade
Cutting Mat
Awl or Nail for poking holes
Hole Punches 1/8" and 1/4" punching holes in the spine and in the papers to be bound in the binder
Brush to spread the glue/matte medium/varnish
Screwdriver and Large Screw or Hammer and large Nail to make holes in canvas panels
Here are the links again!
Instructable PDF on on how to make my binder! 
The Binder on Youtube tutorial too!

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Art Joy of Sharing with Peg and Shel said...

You are really getting it all going. I just watched your daily doodle and heard you talk about the binder. I am glad I found your channel and blog. Thanks for sharing your are. Yes we make for ourselves but it is best shared with others. Peg