Monday, June 20, 2016

It's Doodle time again!! How to Draw a Doodle Gem Pearl

Learn how to draw a pearl and doodle the setting! Fun, easy and relaxing project. Come along and start building your treasure chest of drawings! This time is a beautiful golden pearl with a fun and easy doodle setting.

Simple materials list includes:

Prismacolor pencils:

Peach, True Blue, Spanish Orange, Yellow Ochre, White and Sienna Brown

Pen- Sakura Pigma Micron 01

Paper- Neenah 110LB Cardstock - Solar White

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Cyndee Pelley said...

Hi Stephanie! I'm a big fan of your gem series. You asked in the pearl video what makes me not watch the whole video. I generally watch the gem portion and skip the doodling because I can doodle but I've learned my gem drawing technique from your videos and I've watched many different people's versions of this process. I find yours to be the most real and natural. I always appreciate that you research your stones. So to answer your question, nothing you can do. I know people appreciate the doodling as well so don't change it! (I appreciate your occasional ramblings, I heard one once that was quite meaningful!) I'm going to be highlighting your gem series in my blog soon with the appropriate links of course!

Stephanie said...

Cyndee! Thank you so much for your comment and observations! I really appreciate them.