Friday, June 4, 2010

New old craft!

Whimsical Tea Towels

I have been having so much fun!

Embroidery is a skill that I learned as a child but I haven't done much over the past few years. I have done some small pincushions and such but nothing like these.

These designs were drawn freehand in pencil on the tea towels and then stitched in mostly back stitch, chain stitch and stem stitch. They were done just like I doodle. Starting at one point and then choosing colors as I go along. I love watching the evolution of the design as I work toward the completion.

I have been doing all kinds of creative stuff, I just haven't been posting. I guess it is one of those things. I work all day with computers and so when I come home I enjoy doing my creative stuff and I'm not as much about the blogging. Weird I know but what can I say?

remember to get out and do something creative!


Rebag said...

I love your little tea towels. I never did learn to embroidery and would like to learn.....perhaps some day. Thanks for sharing Hope you have a good weekend

Stephanie said...

Thanks! It really is just like drawing with a needle and thread.

Trulyana said...

That's excellent, that you are getting back into embroidery. Those towels look very beautiful, and it's wonderful what one can do with a freehand doodle. :)

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said...

Gorgeous! Especially the stack of tea cups!