Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Travel through the tunnel of Chocolate

It's the last full week of school and we are needing all the fun and silliness we can get. So, what is better than a chocolate sugar high to get your through from lunch to going home?

My hubby is doing a 365 project taking photos and so he first took the photo of the Chocolate Buttermilk cake with Chocolate Ganache that I made and then he tested the recipe by eating the cupcake. :)

He told me that I couldn't take the cake to school...he would just have to east the whole thing himself to save the others from my baking. I told him that he could have another cupcake and I would take the big cake to work. He could have left overs if there were any. :) He had another cupcake and smiled at me through the chocolate crumbs.

Creativity can take on many different guises. Baking was it last night.

so remember to get out and do something creative today!


Vee said...

I agree, baking can be fun and creative! I love your husbands way of saying he likes the cupcakes. My husband usually just has me bake in large batches when he likes something so he can share it with all of his coworkers.

I've been doing some creative brainstorming on and off all day. I'm going to count that as my creative for the day. :)

-Verna (CED)

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said...

I do agree that baking is yet another form of creativity. Your cupcakes look wonderful! Enjoy what's left of your last week in school, and your long summer break.

Tammy said...

I'm affraid if I went through a tunnel of chocolate I'd get stuck.Your cupcake looks delicious.I agree creativity can be many things and some so simple.Thank you for your comment on my blog,it's greatly appreciated.

Ana Goncalves said...

That is wonderful to hear that you got yourself creating away at these lush Chocolate Buttermilk cakes with Chocolate Ganache. It is so wonderful when we activate ourselves in creativity, and put our energy to healthy uses, even with chocolate. :)
I have been crafting away quite excitedly with all my bundles of joy and love in cards. I figure if i can do 7 a day under a deadline, imagine how many I'd do in a week. (This is for my card test runs, before i open up a craft business) I love creating, in any dimension as I enjoy the reward of the work through the overall journey.
A very happy creative weekend to you, and thanks so much for dropping by my blog. (If you'd like to take a peek at some of the cards, feel free to visit my Flickr album. It's displayed on the right hand side of my blog)

Anonymous said...

Nothing more creative for me than pottering in the kitchen....Love your blog:)

miz katie said...

mmm..looks delicious!!

If I'm stuck on a painting or just not feeling creative, spending a day or even a couple hours in the kitchen does me a world of good.