Friday, September 18, 2015

Oh it is almost Dr Who!

Oh so creepy! Don't blink...
My Hubby drew this then painted it in acrylic on 9x12 inches.

Loving that he's finding his creative mojo!

My acrylic painting on a 9x12" canvas board was more the traditional fall/harvest/ halloween style--
House on haunted hill????
The lighting is a bit off on this photo but I hope you get that spooky vibe I was trying for. :)
I really like the glowing lights in the windows of the house. I got that by painting the background with a mix of Cad Red and Cad Yellow Medium then painting the house leaving the windows open. Then did the sky and then the hill and tree. Finishing it off with the pumpkins and the cat.

I may add a bit more of a misty fog to the painting I haven't decided yet.

I hope you are getting out and being creative every day!


Nanettesplace said...

You both are very talented and inspirational! I love thst you 2 have a common interest and play together!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Nanette! We have been married for 31 years this coming Tuesday and we have been enjoying getting to spend more time with each other and sharing some new common interests. Wishing we were closer to being retired and didn't have to go to work any more but still able to pay the bills and have medical insurance and to play at doing what ever new thing comes along that we want to do. :)

Art Joy of Sharing with Peg and Shel said...

These are both great! You are really embracing the paint medium.

Stephanie said...

Peg Thanks!! We had fun doing them