Saturday, January 16, 2010

#2 of my Doodle Cups

Yup, another doodle drawing. :) This time my husband took the photo. You get to see the scale of the drawing here since my hand is in there actually drawing!

I find that drawing the doodles is easier and harder in the big size--easier in that I can get more variety in the sizes of the elements in the drawing, and harder because I can fit so much more in a drawing that I have to work at NOT over filling the design and making it so busy. I am prone to over doing and so I have have to work at not over working my images.

The finished drawing is just the way I wanted it to turn out. I'm so excited! I have a coffee shop that is going to possibly hang some of my work. I need to get them all mounted and ready to be hung.

I'll get the finished drawing posted tomorrow after I get the photo taken. :)

Thanks for looking! Remember to do something creative!


EVA said...

Your cups of coffee looks delicious and beautiful!!! How appropriate for that coffee shop to display your work! Did you draw them with the shop in mind? 12x18! Wow!!

Good luck! I hope it gets you much deserved attention! (And sales if that's what you'd like!)

Anonymous said...

Love your doodle cups.

Amy said...

I love these doodle cups!

Unknown said...

that's beautiful! The dimensional quality on the plate really pops!

b said...

Love this! Very, very nice. B.

Connie said...

Love these doodled coffee cups! Very fun and creative. Good luck on getting them up in that coffee shop.

mariasangel said...

love these doodle drawings!