Friday, January 15, 2010

creating but nothing finished

This has been a week of creating... but not having anything tangible to show for it YET.

So, first I'm teaching myself how to make drop down menus in Microsoft Expression Web using CSS. HUm...I gotta keep working on this as my boss at school wants the school web page updated and to use the drop down menus. It's hard for me to admit that it is taking me a couple days to get my brain to wrap around it. I'm so used to just looking at something and having the understanding of what to do. This is knocking my socks right now. I'm not sure if it's really me having a problem or the computer that I'm doing it on. sigh... It will get done, I know that!  I gotta stay positive.

Back at home I have 4 of my coffee bags in process of being made, but none of them are finished YET. I should have them done this weekend. They are going to be really neat when done.

Creating memories is also on the plan for this weekend, we have a family get together for my Father's birthday, Photo ops! I know if the weather decides to cooperate a day trip to the coast is on the list to do too. We shall see...

keep the creativity flowing!

1 comment:

pam q said...

Your coffee bags are just awesome!!!

Your baking doesn't look so bad either.......