Saturday, January 9, 2010

a creative couple of days

Creativity...making something...doing

I like how interactive you have to be in the process of creating.  I can't just sit and think about making something forever. I have to pull out the supplies, what ever they may be and just start doing.

I try to not have more than a couple projects in process at any time because I know that something won't get done. I know me and that is the way it goes.

I made a yummy Butter Cream Cheese Pound Cake with Apricots and Cashews last night. Oh My Goodness! Yum! Here's a photo of it.

My dear Hubby and I have eaten almost half of it all by ourselves in less than 24 hours. We had to sample it last night, then this morning it was lovely as part of our brunchy breakfast, then as dessert this evening. I think I'm going to whack a chunk off and wrap it really good and freeze it so we will have some another time.

I also finished my latest pair of socks. :) Knit on size 2 needles using Supersock 100 yarn that is cotton, wool, nylon and elastic.

I was able to knit it no problem. I have been sensitive to wool all my life so, this was a miracle. Now, I have to see if the socks will work on my feet with out causing irritation. I am hoping that I'll be able to wear this wool blend. I want to knit more socks and also be able to wear them.

The pattern is Sunrise Socks by Wendy Johnson and is available on her website for free! They were such a pleasure to knit up. I love that they are set up so you can easily do them on a single circular needle using the Magic Loop technique. I can't get my hands to control multiple double pointed needles so using the magic loop is a g*d send.

My hubby and I went out to our local wildlife refuge and spent a great 2 hours driving the 4 mile loop. We love photographing all the critters we come across. I got a couple really good photos of a young Great Blue Heron that I'll post as soon as I can get them off the other computer. :) We also got to witness a Red Tailed Hawk swoop in and catch is supper (a small gray mouse), we also saw tons of water fowl and a few other raptors. We purchased a 1 year annual pass to the refuge and we are certainly getting our money's worth out of it!

remember to get up and do something creative!

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Unknown said...

hey! another sock knitter! for some reason there don't seem to be many sock knitters who also do this other kind of art. it is always lovely to find one. the socks are gorgeous and i hope you are able to wear them comfortably.