Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's been a creative week


I can't believe how much a person can get things done when they just want to. I haven't been in such a creative mood since last Summer.  

Usually working 40 hours a week just doesn't leave much  energy to create. I guess the  stars have aligned and it just time to get creative while the bug is still biting.

Since signing up for the Creative Everyday Challenge I have completed 2 large Zen-Doodle Drawings (12x18) and a recycled coffee bean burlap bag into a small shopping tote, then I photographed them all to get put on this post.

I have also noticed that when I'm feeling creative it's harder for me to stop and blog about what I'm doing. Weird,  since I love words and communicating others.

Have you found that happening to you too? HOw do you work around it?

Remember to do something creative today!


Virginia said...

Hi Stephanie -- Love the bag! I've also found CED a booster to my creativity -- I joined it after trying out Leah's November Challenge, which I also found stimulating and supportive! I bounce back and forth between my art studio and the computer, so I don't find it all that difficult to post and to create. We'll see! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

Unknown said...

I wish I were as ambitious as you! BUt when you think about it, you create something everyday without even trying.. You create thoughts and ideas, and blog posts and when you breathe you create your life. When you talk to a friend you create good will. So don't worry we are all Creators of something every second of everyday. : ).

Unknown said...

I guess you don't want to create a Blog following link..

Stephanie said...
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EVA said...

Very cool bag and I love your Zen Doodles/zentangles! I'd never heard of these before joining CED2010. I tried my first one yesterday - fascinating how they take on a life of their own. I guess that's the "zen" part of them. Yours here are lovely, as are the older ones I perused on your site. I look forward to seeing more!

Isn't a blog post a creation in itself?

Leah said...

woohoo! you're on fire! love that bag!

yeah, it can be hard sometimes to keep up with the blogging about what you're up to when you're following your creative muse. but i think it happens in cycles (sometimes we're creating more art, sometimes we're writing more) and it's ok to just be where you are. i think these overview posts are a great way to work with it!

Stephanie said...

Thanks all! I love that this dialog can happen. Yes, blogging is a creative process too. I just have a thing in me that wants solid here and now products when I'm done creating.

:) Blogging is all electronic very ephemeral, transient and not even something that I can cut up and collage with. BUT blogging is a way to share with people who you may never have a chance to meet in person to learn their stories and see their creative persuits.

Thanks for listening~~

Susan Reep said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I wonder - if I hit reply from my blog does it go to you or just to my blog? I like the Zen doodle drawings. Really cool.

Liberty said...

wow WOW!♥♥♥
I love, love , LOVE your drawings :-)
(and that bag is pretty darn cool too!)