Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday Wanderings

watercolor journal red tulip field small house
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Let me say right now I really don't like HOT weather. The weather is really going to be hot by our moderate Pacific Northwest standards. We are going to be close to 100 on Thursday and up to 104 on Friday! UGH!! Thank goodness they decided to actually turn on the air conditioning at the schoo I work at. The A.C. has been off all summer to save money. For the most part that is fine but when it gets hot.BLECH! It is like a sauna. Who needs a gym membership?...

At home the little window AC unit is going to be working overtime to keep the livingroom cool enough to keep me from getting grumpy and snarking at my wonderful husband. :)

The rest of this week I'm going to be alternating between looking at more of lesson 2 on my Kate Johnson Watercolor Pencil CD and a crocheted cotton top that I started several weeks ago I would like to get finished!

But for now I'd like to share my newest watercolor journal entry. It's another landscape. I'm trying to do a few more of them because I really don't want to do them. Sharon over on the EDM group at yahoo has been mentioning that when we feel resistance to someting when working on our art it is probably something that we really NEED to push through and work on anyway. I will say that this one was easier than the last one I did. You can see it on my flicker page if you want.

this field of either red tulips or poppies (I couldn't tell from the small photo what kind of flowers they really are) was such a vibrant red with the green fields and trees and the expansive blue sky that I just 'felt' like I should try it out. I got the reference ohot from

I'm enjoying the watercolor pencils and learning more about what they can do.

I hope you are doing something you really enjoy too!


kazumiwannabe said...

It looks great - very nice contrast! Love that bright red!


Nicely done!

Katy said...

Now you know what the weather is like most of July and August where I live. Everyone here has central air conditioning!

Great shade of red! It balances very nicely with the blue.

Unknown said...

Love the Contrasts! Great work w/ the pencils. You did a wonderful job. Hoping you stay cool:-)!

Anonymous said...

Great work, beautiful contrast, and I like the sky (Grin).

Unknown said...

Wonderful color contrast. I feel as if the flowers are celocia type. kinda fuzzy topped...Again Great job.

Gillian Mowbray said...

A vibrant and impressionistic piece - looks like you had fun even if you didn't. I'm the same with landscapes - they're very much out of my comfort zone, so I know what you mean.
Hot weather doesn't suit me either - it's my age! LOL. x