Saturday, July 19, 2008

Drawing from Memory edm 173

What a lovely Saturday!

It was overcast this morning which kept it cooler than the forcast, even though it did clear out and get sunny and 75 degrees. Perfect!

I decided to try out a Derwent Spectrum Blue Watercolour pencil (that came free with my new set of Inktense pencils) on a quick sketch from my imagination of a girl's face and head. It came out sort of neat. I like the varitations of blues from the one pencil since I did wet parts of the drawing. My proportions are a bit off and the eyes look like flat disks not orbs, but part of that is not knowing how the pencil and water were going to react.

Any helpful suggestions are more than welcome! I have already ordered Cathy Johnson's Watercolor Pencil Magic cd and I'm on pins and needles waitning for it to get here! (of course I just ordered it today and it's going to take about a week to get here!)

I hope you all are finding something creative to do today!
Cheers! SB


Brenda Yarborough said...

You've done this portrait exceptionally well! You will "take off" with Kate's instructional CD. In the meantime, try your w/c pencils out on different paper, also try them on damp paper vs dry paper. Just have fun experimenting a bit and before you know it, your order will be on your front porch!

Andres said...

Very nice portrait.

Tracey Latorelli said...

She's lovely. Blue and white monochromatic ..... nice idea.

Very nice job on her hair !