Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Monday EDM 33 draw an eye

edm 33 draw an eye
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Its going to be another warm and sunny day!

My blog is almost 1 week old! I've had so many lovely comments and encouraging things said that I just want to keep it going!

I decided that I want to try doing a portrait again, So I'm going to go sign up at the portrait party site and see if I can find someone willing to play with me. In the spirit that I has been 8 years since I last drew a portrait I'm going to start doing the parts of the face challenges over at Everyday Matters group (EDM). I need to brush up on those skills.

Here is a pencil sketch of an eye. you know, it's not that hard to do just 1 eye. I need to practice making pairs of them! To get the size nd balance correct. It's so true that other stuff can be wrong in a portrait but as long as the eyes are 'Right" it will still look like the person. At least that's what I have found for myself. What do you think?

cheers! SB


Spinneretta said...

I think youa re right, that one eye is easier :) That being said, your eye looks great!

MaryO said...

It's very well done! I'm anxious to see your portraits.

Timaree said...

Your eye looks great. I tried sketching my son, his girlfriend and my husband a few weeks ago. They were all busy reading something and lined up on the patio. It was the barest of sketches as they caught me and then wouldn't sit still anymore but it was enough that when my daughter saw it she recognized them right away. I felt good about that but since they were reading I didn't have to draw an eye. Guess I'll have to when I hit this challenge.

Blogs are fun. It'll be your one year blogiversary before you know it!

Deb said...

Yay! Great eye!
As a photographer I always have to remember that everyone has a small eye. The trick is to make both eyes appear the same size. The best way to do that is to have the small eye closest to the viewer. (of course if the subject is straight on, it's a moot point,lol)