Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday afternoon and I got something done! EDM #112

Well, it is a hot sunny, breezy Saturday and I knew that I had stuff around the house to get done. Mundane life certainly can get in the way of being creative sometimes.

The kitchen has been super cleaned--even the table top UNDER the coffeepot and the coffee machine too. Dishes are done and my table near the easy chair has been decluttered, I can actually set stuff down again!

I was feeling a bit low this morning so My Hubby decided to cut me some roses from the front garden. I figured that you couldn't get fresher than flowers that were just picked. I decided that that would be my challeng for the day. I have a long way to on my drawings but I fugure the only way to get better is to just sit down and draw! It was done with Pitt superfine pen, Prismacolors on smooth flat 125 lb cover stock (similar to bristol board)

I have noticed that I expect my drawings to be 'wonderful' the very first time I sit sown to work on them. Why do we put such High Expectations on ourselves when we would never expect someone else to be able to be perfect from the get go?

till later! Cheers SB


Quilt knit said...

Great Hubby! You should have his wonderful gift Tattooed - somewhere?- So, great. wonderful drawing.
((( circle of Hugs )))

Sherrie Roberts

Spinneretta said...

lovely picture and a nice DH.
perfectionism is an artistic trait- we are usually our own worst critics!
must be that artistic temperament! ;)

Margaret Ann said...

Oooh! I think that this IS wonderful...Light and delicate! What a delightful keepsake of a sweet sweet hubby! :)

Debi said...

Beautifully done!

I really identify with the personal expectations. The problem is, when I don't live up to my own expectations, I put my art supplies away, sometimes for months at a time.

How do you persevere through that?

Stephanie said...

Yup I got one of the good ones! 24 years are counting-

Yes, we are our own worst critics.

I do know that I will set something aside if I'm not 'feeling it' but I don't stop creating, I just try something new for a while to recharge my batteries, then I will come back to finish what I have begun because I can't stand to have things sitting as ufo's. Even if the project is not up to My Expectations it is usually above what others would expect and I figure I need to be happy with that.

Mark said...

I like how you captured the essence of these pink fairy roses I can almost smell them.
Your husband must be sweet.

Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

Stephanie - this is a beautiful drawing of the roses! You know how much I like roses. :) Marva