Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Evening...EDM 89 Buttons!

edm 89 buttons ink sm
Originally uploaded by sbergeron00

I bet many of you have memories of playing in the button box or jar or bucket when you were a kid, I know I do. Seeing a big jar of buttons takes me right back to grandma's livingroom. Looking for the biggest button in the jar, sorting all the colors, then sorting them all by size. Then we would put them in to the smaller boxes in the toy box to make shakers and noise makers! Sometimes we would find string and make button spinners that wizzed and twisted the string. I loved that jar of buttons.

You can see I tried to draw some buttons. I think I sort of succeded but I'm not sure. I really liked the pencil sketch but after inking it I think I did too much in some areas and maybe not enough in others. I do like the highlights on some of the buttons.

What do you think? Do you have any great button memories??


kazumiwannabe said...

Oh, really great drawing! I said it already but I really love your lines!

Kathleen said...

love the technique on the buttons and I like the eye to

seesue said...

Great drawing! Andrea's stuff is inspiring isn't it?

Spinneretta said...

looks like you captured them to me :)

Gillian Mowbray said...

This is fabulous. I can see it framed with a big wide surround mount. Congrats.
It's funny how button jars can stir memories isn't it. I can remember tipping out my mother's jar to play with them. The fancier buttons were always the most coveted.