Monday, July 21, 2008

Two EDM Challenges today! 24 and 91

It was beautiful today, soft summer sun, 75 degrees and an easy breeze to keep the air moving. It was perfect to go in the yard and sketch!

I actually got 3 sketches done, the blueberries and the apple along with some lovely flowers that I'm still working on. I inked the apple and the branch then colored it with Prismacolor Pencils. The Blueberries were done with just the color pencils over a light graphite pencil sketch.

So the blueberries are EDM 24 draw a piece of fruit and the apple is EDM 91 draw an apple.

Both of these could have been the challenge of draw something summer because daring to my sisters and cousins to eat little green apples was one of the silly childhood games we played as soon as the apples were bigger than plums! Oh the puckered faces we would make!

And well, blueberries were always a summer fruit! we'd get to have fresh blueberry pancakes, and muffins then freeze a bunch for winter to have little sparks of summer in the darker parts of the year.

I hope that you have some tasty memories of summers past to carry along with you too!
cheers, SB


Donna Mulholland said...

Oh yes, the blueberries elicit lots of yummy summer memories.

These two sketches are wonderful - so clean, crisp and fresh!

MaryO said...

These are both fresh and summery looking. My few blueberries are long gone now thanks to the birds and the rabbits who found ways around the netting. I got a few for my breakfast a couple of times, however.

Lisa Adams Reed said...

Oh I am so jealous of your beautiful weather! You art is so lovely. I will visit often!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work! I love blueberries and now I have to go out and get some. Love your work.

kazumiwannabe said...

Lol! We did that with the apples too! Lovely drawings, very neat and fresh!

Nan said...

Those look tasty—did you bring enough to share with the class? :-D

Wonderful drawings! I love your vivid colors.

Deb said...

These are beautiful! I love the vibrant colors!!!
When I was much younger, I climbed my grandmothers apple tree with the salt shaker. I loved those little green apples!

Kunstrxns said...

Lovely work as always. By the way the color under your blog archive makes reading the text very difficult (sorry the typographer in me is in full force today)


Kathleen said...

Stephanie these are very nice I like the inked apple - I might go try that technique right now -

Anonymous said...

Stephanie I really like these!

Gillian Mowbray said...

These look so rich and yes - edible. Our blueberry crop is just ripening late - after wet weather. This is making my mouth water ... x