Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday show and tell

watercolor portals 1

Good afternoon,

This morning I took out another photo from I'm still learning what the different watercolor pencils can do. Playing with light tand shadows too. This doorway is in an old church cloister. I don't know what country it is in as the photo didn't say.

I did a quick pencil sketch to get the basic shapes and then started in with the colored pencils. The photo was 'really dark' except for the open door and the outside. I HAD to put in a bit of the other door. :)

This was mostly done with Graphitint pencils with a bit of prismacolor watercolor pencil for the yellows. This is small only 5.5 x 4.25 inhes on 140# watercolor paper.

As always any constructive comments greatly appreciated! thanks for looking and letting me know what you think. :)

Thanks Rachel for the suggestion of darkening the shadows! I think it is much better now.

have a lovely Sunday!
cheers, SB


Spinneretta said...

it looks very nice! I think the only thing *I'd* have done differently, would have been darkening that right side a little more :) It looks great though!

kazumiwannabe said...

Yes, the "darkened" version looks great! Beautiful work and subject! We have cloisters like that one in the south of France, but it could be anywhere where there are Roman style churches.

Kunstrxns said...

The darkened version is really working.

Spinneretta said...

defintely!! Now it really pops!

Margaret Ann said...

Cool! Thanks for posting both versions...very interesting! :)

Alan said...

Works for me.