Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sunny Hot and a walk downtown

Yes the sun does shine in the Pacific Northwest.
We have a lovely bright blue sky, 5 mph breeze and 85 degrees today.

So, first I took Winston the Westie out for a quick walk in the neighborhood and then grabbed my stuff and set off for downtown Vancouver. It was lovely, walking, coming across shady spots and did I remember to say that I brought my camera with me? I got tons of lovely photos to use as reference for my drawings; nifty crusty bricks, peeling paint, old church and flowers galore! I even remembered to take photos of the old post office downtown and the Clark County Historical museum. More on those in another post.

I stopped at a funky restaurant called Mon Ami Cafe
and had a lovely Ham, Brie and Pear Crepe and an iced Latte for lunch. I even remembered to bring my drawing stuff so, I drew in public, some place I had never been to before and it was what I had for lunch! I think this will be for:

EDM #72 Draw some place new and what you find there.

I did this in ink, then used some watercolor pencils and my water brush. I really like how the salad turned out. It was a very yummy lunch too! This was all done in about 10 mins since I was hungry and the food looked so good!

Cheers! SB


kazumiwannabe said...

Nice drawing, it looks good!
Hope to see the drawings from your photos soon! I love how drawing and taking photos make us look at things with a new, enthousiastic eye!

Mark said...

I really enjoyed your crepe and your painting of it too