Saturday, July 12, 2008

SAturday night and another Challenge down! edm 69 draw a beverage

In the process of not being so critical of my art. I give you the wonky water bottle.

I love how the cap turned out but the bottle it's self is sort of twisted. I posted it anyway because what I was really working on was trying to show the transparant plastic of the bottle. I did the whole thing start to finish with a Pitt Extra Fine. Again my biggest challenge is not being able to go back and refine the drawing, getting the kinks out! I'm learning though and that's the whole point of these challenges right?

This water bottle or one like it is my constant companion during the hot days of summer! I could probably float away on the amount of water I drink on somedays. I know that many people figure that as long as they are drinking something they are staying hydrated. For me I like that water is zero calories, nothing artifical and if I really want flavor I can drop some lemon in.

So, during the heat folks, drink your water and stay healthy!
cheers, SB


kazumiwannabe said...

I like it even twisted! The transparency is greatly rendered and I love the lines and style of your drawing.

Carol C said...

I think wonky works just fine! You have a good use of your pen! Great details and shading.

nadine said...

I think it being slightly "twisted" adds to the interest of it. It looks more "alive" that way. Totally great drawing!

Kathleen said...

Stephanie, great job and I'm glad that you share your journey even when the work is not what you think is your best - you are exactly right this is about the learning process and the journey - all that said - I really LIKE the bottle and think you did an excellent job of capturing clarity-

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Great! I like.

Margaret Ann said...

Super job...It seems I get these kind of smushed topped bottles all the time...wonky from the "get go" right out of the case!

You line work is awesome...don't you adore Pitt pens? LOL :) I know I do! :)

Timaree said...

I think you did great. Wonky is character instead of advertisement.